Jadon's Infantile Spasms Story

I created this blog so that our friends and family will be able to follow Jadon as he fights to overcome Infantile Spasms. I also hope that if anyone else is going through this, they will find this site helpful. I have posted a video of what infantile spasms look like, as well as everything we are going through. I hope by posting this I am able to get help for other children who are having these spasms. The earlier this is diagnosed the better. Feel free to leave me comments. I love to hear from you. If you have any questions just email my mommy. She likes to help people in any way she can.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Neurologist Appointment

I had an appoinment with my neurologist today. I haven't seen her since September. She said I looked great. She understood almost everything I said. She was very impressed with how well I was speaking. She said the things I'm saying are very intelligible. The problem is an articulation problem but she is NOT concerned and said I will eventually get it. She said I've only been talking for a year now so its impressive that I'm speaking so well. She also said that I do not have to have any more test for a long time.Praise God!!! She was glad to hear that I'm finished with my meds and she thinks I'm going to be just fine. We have to go back in 6 months which is around the same time I have to go back to Detroit. So for the next 6 months I'm going to enjoy not having to go to the doctor, not having to take meds, and not having to have any bloodwork or test done. Please pray that I will continue to do well off the seizure meds and please thank God for what he has done in my life. We never thought there would come a day when I didn't have to take meds and just look at me today. A true miracle:)

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Phyllis Edwards said...

Jadon, I am moved to tears reading your story of success in your fight against IS. Jadon, you are such a smart, spunky kid ... you will go far in life with the attitude you have. You may have only half a brain, but you use the half you have better than some I know who have all of their brain! I am sending you lots of hugs and kisses, from somebody you don't even know, but who loves you. :)